At Adam/Albin we offer a contemporary Swedish restaurant experience far from the traditional fine dining restaurant.

Our gastronomic profile is based on the produce we personally love and is prepared with simplicity and for us, in the obvious way. 

We are inspired by all the great cooking you can find around the world but the base of our cooking is founded in our Swedish gastronomic heritage.

At Adam/Albin the dining experience is based on 5 servings. We start the meal with a selection of snacks chosen by the chefs, which is what we call serving 1. You then choose your own courses for servings 2-5.

We always have a few additional courses you can add to your menu. It can be a signature dish or a dish based on an exceptional produce that we have just received.

The meal: 895 SEK 

The bar is always available for drop in- guests. At the bar you order your courses one at a time.

In the bar you can have just one or ten courses, all-depending on your mood.

Of course you can just stop by for a nice glass of wine or why not a bottle.