At Adam/Albin we offer a contemporary Swedish restaurant experience far from the traditional fine dining restaurant. Our gastronomic profile is based on the produce we personally love and is prepared with simplicity and for us, in the obvious way. We are inspired by all the great cooking you can find around the world but the base of our cooking is founded in our Swedish gastronomic heritage. In the restaurant we have two menus.

The Blue Menu - 1495 SEK 

This is Adam/Albin! The Blue Menu is our complete gastronomic experience. It is here you eat our signature dishes, experience the most unique produce and where Adam & Albin will show you their true cooking. All guests at the table must participate in this 10 course menu. 


The Green Menu - 1095 SEK

The Green Menu is our à la carte. This menu consists of 5 courses. You select each course individually based on your personal preferences.