Next door to Adam/Albin you will find Tvätteriet.
Tvätteriet offers the food inspiration course, the wine inspiration course as well as private custom made events.

The Food Inspiration Course "Signatures"

Our food course offers an innovative and inspiring culinary experience inspired by gastronomic talks and insights in to the environment of the modern chef.

To offer a perspective on contemporary cooking, we share our knowledge and secrets about how we work in the Adam/Albin kitchen. When understanding more about how things are done in a professional restaurant kitchen you will be able to improve the preparations for your own home dinner. Throughout the years in our restaurants we have served dishes that has been so appreciated by our guests that they have been stayers on the menu or made a comeback every now and then. We call these dishes “Adam & Albin Signatures” and those are the main focus this night. You will for example be served the langoustine taco in potato flat bread, beef tartar with truffles on butter toast and our different vegetable dishes all paired with fantastic wines.

We start the evening with champagne, tasty snacks and an introduction by us where we go through the best ingredients of the season. We then continue in the restaurant kitchen where we heat up the charcoal grill to 600 degrees Celsius and immerse ourselves in cooking over an open fire, all while you get the opportunity to taste the freshly prepared ingredients. Thereafter you will take a seat and enjoy a lovely dinner together at the table.

The food course is possible to book for closed groups from 10-30 people

Price: Food course 1400 SEK + VAT, beverages to match 600 SEK + VAT

For booking please e-mail us at:

The Wine Inspiration Course

The wine inspiration course is a grand dining experience with focus placed on the wine, it is far from the traditional wine tasting.

The most useful knowledge about wine is how to combine the right wine with the right food and through that create magic. We will go through our thoughts about how and why we combine as we do. We will share our trade secrets and kill some classic myths meanwhile drinking crazy good wines and eating Adam & Albins food.

We will in a light-hearted way teach you how to think when planning your own combinations of food and wine at home while enjoying a dinner with amazing produce and top class wines.

We begin with a wine cocktail and an introduction where we go through the evenings set up. We will continue the evening in our open restaurant kitchen where you will see the chefs prepare 6 servings that we have combined with different wine styles. Our sommelier will tell you our thoughts behind pairing in the way we do at the same time as you get to eat and drink great combinations.

You will after this be seated at the table to enjoy a fantastic dinner with more amazing wines.

The evening offers 9 servings and 10 beverage experiences. No matter if you are an expert or a novice this is the perfect group activity. 

The wine course is possible to book for closed groups from 10-30 people

Price: Wine course 3000 SEK + VAT (beverages 1800 SEK, food 1200 SEK)

For booking please e-mail us at:

Private Meals

At Tvätteriet we cook the same delicious food and offer the same top class beverages as at Adam/Albin but customized for larger groups.

This is the perfect place to rent for intimate dining experiences. Let us help you create your perfect private event, breakfast, lunch or dinner. No matter what type of event - we will take care of the food.

Seated dinner: max 30 people
Mingle: max 40 people

For more information and bookings e-mail: